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My Name Don Murray owner and operator of I,m  a Domain name/Brand consultant for new and existing companies wth budgets ranging from 250k to 10 million dollars. owns and operates its own portfolio of premium generic keyword .com domain names and future domains such as, We also develop our own names into stand alone websites and businesses. Our portfolio will grow to nearly 800 domain names ending 2018.  

We believe in investing at least 10% of your marketing budget each year for a great domain name. 

We look at domain names as assets to your company. A great domain can easily increase a companies revenue by 50%. A bad one can reduce it by 50%. 

Finding a domain with strong intent is very important, when a domain name is complex or not easy to spell you end up losing that visitor. Think about the next time you look at a billboard on a highway, can you remember the name.

Don Murray