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DomainPad.com owns and operates its own portfolio of premium generic keyword .com domain names and future domains such as 3dPowder.com.  We also develop our own names into stand alone websites and businesses. Our portfolio will grow to nearly 800 domain names ending 2017. We have many names to choose from and not all are listed on our website. 

Don Murray is the founder of Domainpad.com.  He has been a domain investor for many years and has decided to launch this public site for new startups and other small businesses. 

DomainPad is a small company with very big ideas, we believe in owning the best domain possible for your business. We look at domain names as assets to your company. Not owning the best domain for your company actually becomes a liability. Most small to medium businesses are starting to buy multiple domains and create multiple sites so they can funnel all the traffic to the main site. 

Finding a domain with strong intent is very important, when a domain name is complex or not easy to spell you end up losing the visitor at some point.  You also want to make sure you can get a trademark on the domain your buying before you spend thousands of dollars. Here is one more tip to remember when buying that domain.  

Does it pass the radio test? that meaning can you spell it out and remember it after hearing it. Most names do not pass this test.

Same goes for a billboard, next time your driving down the highway ask yourself how many domain names do you remember that are on the billboard. You have 2 seconds to capture someones attention how will you do it? With a horrible name or a short and effective domain that will save you thousands of dollars:)

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